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WP JavaScript 10 54
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Sub-Menu Dropdown help needed 5
export a multisite blog to a sinlge install 9
Attachment Link and Page Help 2
redirect after registration and login to home page 6
Output of Custom Post Type Data 4
All of a sudden feeds are showing full content 2
Widget area shortcodes no longer work? 3
limit user to create only one page 3
Taxonomies as results of wp searchs 6
Custom Excerpt box missing from post panel 7
Can you add PHP to your category descriptions? 23
custom register form 9
Run function without using query string 8
Adding extra body classes 16
Front-end edit post 4
Rate comments 2
action priority and child theme setup function 6
If comment author is post author 4
Theme eiditor plugins? 5
upgraded to 3.1 and get this at the top of each page 12
Problem with textarea in Theme Options 3
Interesting problem with the_content(); 3
Upgrade to 3.1 and custom taxonimies 6
Show single post, when there is only one post in the archive 5
not sure where to post WordPress issues for 3.1 2
Error invalid taxonomy with get_the_terms 3
Searches to include Custom Field Values 7
Send comment author and post author email when function called 6
"Don’t worry, we’re still planning on using PHP" 5
Multiside - sidewide categories 5