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WP JavaScript 11 56
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Text Slider 3
Facebook image link issue 17
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Images in feed 3
Quality Control Function - Revert Post to Draft 5
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Custom Post Types + Custom Taxonomies : how to properly show them? 6
Custom Post Type code generator 10
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Deregestering or Unregistering Annoying Plugins 8
How to implement this? 2
users/authors widget 7
Custom post types, taxonomies, and url hierarchy 15
Does not include custom post type and post type on the same feed 13
how to hook into login form just after lost your password ... 3
Excerpts by Category Page Template 4
Screen Options Default Setting. 3
Navigation 2
Google maps in new tab 3
custom post/page styling questions 3
Custom Post Confusion 9
Artisteer 3.0 WP export as a child to Hybrid 3
redirect to a specific page on login 4
New widget instance - jQuery click event not initialised 4
Favicon not showing 3