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Targeting content filter in a third party plugin 5
add_filter function 3
Media uploader, flyout menus, tinymce didn't work after upgrading WP 3.3 1
Widgets - can they be 'hard coded' into a theme? 5
Known WP 3.3 issues 2
Number of themes per page in Admin panel, v3.3 1
Widgets disappearing 9
List of categories with post titles 5
Open image from feed as file rather than attachment 14
WP 3.3 new functions 4
insert image size not choosable 3
Add custom avatar 9
custom search form 9
Test if field has data 13
Add an Archive of a Custom Post Type to a Menu 8
Get all meta form a certain key 2
Custom Post Type and Custom Field Structure 6
Need ideas on what plug-in (s) to use for new Website 24
preg_match and speed 2
custom taxonomies: avoid having to visit Settings - permalinks 3
Javascript Libraries 5
Action Hook to insert page content 7
does moy form need a nonce? 7
Indentation in php and wp standard coding 3
Custom Query Widget in Hybrid News 5
My dream WordPress hack 8
Restrict blog home page categories 4
Conditional loop with meta values 4
Make Wordpress Page Just Like This Website? 3
Standard way to echo taxonomies 8