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Topics Posts
Adding Whistles No Style class plugin results in crash 5
Anchor Links don't work in type="tabs" 7
Stargazer 1.1.1 and mobile phone 3
Whistles not compatible with ordering plugin 6
Whistles plugin as a front/landing page builder. 18
Changing the name Whistle 3
Extra 'P' tags added before and after Caption shortcode in whistles 3
Whistles and Featured Image Thumbnail 3
Localization 10
add option for no style? 6
Roles Members settings 9
Show whistles in a group in reverse order? 3
Move Whistles under Pages in Admin Menu? 3
no author in Whistles 3
Whistles: Whistles all join together as one, not as separate tabs or toggles 2
Whistles 2
whistles group list 24
Whistle Toggles with green arrow open close icon 6
Strange behavior on Kindle Fire 5
second-level tabs 2
Whistles links 7
Default position of Accordion closed 3
Whistles: Both tabs are showing the full content at the same time 15
whistles with different styles 3
Keel getting: You need at least one whistle group to display whistles. 6
Whistles plugin: version 0.1.0 7
Tabs, toggle, etc. plugin (testing) 12