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Problems with new visionary theme 18
Visionary under Explorer and under Firefox/Opera 10
don't wanna show a few particular categories in the top navigation 10
Video Quantity 2
Change Header 3
Nonprofit Org havingTrouble Installing Visionary Theme 4
How to remove few things from post display 4
This may not be a theme specific question but 2
Deleting comments and read full story links in post 7
Keep some posts off of front page? 4
How to insert video in field 5
Why is my homepage only showing post titles 6
This may be a dumb question.... 2
Audio flash player 1
Visionary theme doesn't work on my site 2
why visionary doesn't work at my blog? 21
How to put next pages 12
Custom Sidebar Widget & alignment styles 8
have problem with video 2
Theme for WPMU 3
Google Custom Search in Visionary 2
Static Pages in Excerpt Blocks 2
Revolving ADS 3
Passwordprotecting pages breaks the design 3
Report a Post or Report a Comment Plugins do NOT work with your themes? 1
Settings page issues 2
2 issues - .next link and .post-title centering 6
left margin or padding in main navigation 5
Visionary Settings page is missing 3
I am desperate, please help 3