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Topics Posts
Listing posts on front page in rows 5
Can't change layout in admin on individual pages 2
I have lost my front page 2
style sheet not loading in Explorer 4
style sheet not loading in Explorer 2
Latest posts do not appear in flexislider 6
Sticky posts do not show on home page, only in flexislider? 3
Where is the author box? 3
Which contact form? 2
Changing Theme Main Colour/Above The Fold 7
creating sub-menus 3
enable a slider on a page (as seen in the unique example) 2
IE8 support... would ideally like to provide some support 5
Fixing the bbPress index page 4
Unique won't load in Chrome 10
Little bug for translation 2
Disable author, date, categories from blog posts 1
Customizing look of the Unique theme 2
Exclude some categories fron home page 2
Move Image Caption 2
The Unique Theme license and Multisite installs 7
FlexSlider showing categories and a certain number of posts 2
Add a sidebar in the home page 6
Is there a responsive version available on Theme Forest 2
Page templates? 2
Home Page Template? 8
Unique menu indicator 2
Will Flexslider, for Unique, only display certain pages and posts? 4
Unique: Remove author box on single post 2
How to select the area of ​​the image to Flexslider in Unique ? 3