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A blank child theme to kick-start the design process.

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Topics Posts
Remove primary sidebar on page template 6
Skeleton Update? 4
Custom post type archive template looping whole posts and archives 19
Need to format the date differently on blog posts and custom post types 5
How to change img caption width that is showing up as inline style 2
Adding a second subsidiary widget area to the hybrid / skeleton theme 5
Need to change the "Leave a Reply" wording for comments 6
info in custom field not showing up in template 9
Menu and the Theme Locations box 5
Need to add a new div after content but on Singular Custom Post Type only 3
question regarding custom page templates 9
need some help with a custom front page 36
Creating a wrapper/container for primary and secondary sidebar widgets 3
Sort by post author in page-archives-by-taxonomy template 4
issue resolved 1
Add a Search Form to Primary Nav Menu 2
Add code to page title of posts in one category 7
"Read more" link works on home page etc but not search results... 2
how to create a home page like this one 4
footer css not working 4
Add code to Title Bar of Taxonomies 5
filters, only to categories 8
Custom CSS for widget 13
Move parts of comment meta to foot of comment 6
hot to modify the hybrid_meta_copyright filter 3
Small changes to menu dropdown (remove min-width and fix delay to hide on load) 3
Display just two posts on homepage, with link to older posts 5
Archive of Custom Post Type, sorted by Taxonomy 7
moving primary menu using CSS 4
Hybrid Theme, "Default Template" php file 8