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A blank child theme to kick-start the design process.

Topics Posts
Topics Posts
Translations lost after update 7
need help with body class 9
adding title to homepage (latest Posts) 2
videos not showing in archive view after Hybrid update 3
weird effect - page template? 3
need some help styling drop-down menu items 17
need some help formatting a category view 8
tags show count 3
Missing reference links in functions.php 3
spanish translation not working 8
Sidebar drops to bottom 3
Header logo position is different from Home page 11
Return to entry link 3
regarding hfeed and hentry stuff 10
Change text in search result 5
add code before any output 7
some questions regarding breadcrumb trails 14
why would I get a post class of "error" 3
drop-down styles for menu in sidebar available? 4
need some help with the wp menus 5
Assigning current-menu-parent class to all blog-related pages. 2
Where's the single post template? 4
Removing the drop-down functionality of drop-downs.js 3
Hybrid Theme Settings Page only showing Footer settings 5
Skeleton Child Theme screen.css 4
Changing width of Submenus 3
Search form inside header or navigation 5
How to remove meta tags from the head section? 12
How to display excerpts on home page? 3
How to remove thumbnails? 3