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A blank child theme to kick-start the design process.

Topics Posts
Topics Posts
Custom blog template only shows sticky plus one post 6
How to add a link to Home in breadcrumbs 5
Secondary widgets disappear each time I leave the Widgets page 2
Add images to primary sidebar? 4
Where to load div? 9
Secondary sidebar is empty, widgets won't display 3
Shorten breadcrumbs 10
Hide breadcrumbs on home page? 3
Two subsidiary widget areas, switch based on page template 5
Hide title in pages using a template 11
Need to add some html directly above ul in primary menu. 2
Add a container around #content and #secondary 3
Change menu from hover to click dropdowns for mobile 3
Adding text after the breadcrumb trail 2
How to change loading order in hybrid_after_header position 11
How to add dropdown indicator to a menu? 3
Add new sidebar after header-container 10
Hiding title on home page also hides blog post titles 3
Broken menu, not sure where to fix it 7
Hide menu item for logged-in users? 3
Adding previous/next links at top of post too 5
Change h2.entry-title to h1 5
Dropdown menu not working at all 5
Skeleton (child) Menu style 5
which is better approach to remove sidebar from homepage 8
Remove entry title from certain pages? 3
How to add HTML within .menu? 12
How to remove dropdown menu js 8
Center Header in Hybrid 3
Moving Breadcrumbs to the Footer in child theme development 4