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A non-developer's best friend wrapped up in a widget.

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Showing the post with the comments belonging to that post. 4
Edit Post Option 2
Custom thumbnail for Query Post widgets 5
Can I use "!=" dropdown for meta-compare to exclude certain posts? 2
Image Size Not Working 3
Query post widget styling 4
Order and Orderby not working 7
Query Post entry-meta shortcode 3
Query Posts bulleted lists 5
Sticky Issue 5
Query post titles as dropdown 3
Adding variables or short codes to Query Post's "Meta Value" field. 3
query post page id field missing 3
Problem setting up blog post with Query Post 11
Query Posts Page option not displaying hack 3
query_post plugin - change the comments output 5
Disable links on post titles with Query Posts 6
Add Comment Count 3
(Continue Reading) not working in Query Posts? 4
Limit output to one post 10
Pagination 5
Error creating the new widget section (to create a widgetized page) 4
.widgets layout issue in prototype 5
Specified category is being ignored 9
Query Posts .hentry class interferes with li style 3
Query Post Widget Title Not Working 5
Add posts 2 posts to filter query_posts 2
Show modified date in Query Posts byline? 4
What's the Wooframework box for in the Query Posts Widget 2
Query Posts widget: where's all the functionality indicated by the screenshot? 9