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A non-developer's best friend wrapped up in a widget.

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Topics Posts
Warning With Query Posts Plugin 4
query post breaking responsive background image? 8
shortcodes 2
How to change order of elements in query posts widget 2
some sort of conflict with another plugin 7
Plugin: query_posts 9
Query Posts plugin: red more 3
Add noindex, nofollow to results? 4
caller_get_posts depreciated - update needed? 7
Query posts with more pages 4
Query Posts: Enable Post thumbnails 7
Index of shortcodes for query posts widget 9
Query Posts by Blog ID for Multisite and ... 10
Highlight Current Page 3
Remove excerpt from post, when content is chosen in the settings 2
Query posts thumbnail error 5
Can I somehow style the output "alternating"? 10
QP Disable Link to Category displayed by Widget 6
Omit current post from QP list? 4
Widget title link to category 16
entry title before image 6
Query Posts: Limit output to pages with specified Parent 5
Layout changes 7
Date format 7
Remove / hide "Uncategorized" from entry_meta display on widget 3
Adding a "see more in [category]" link to query post widgets and elsewhere 3
Filters for items output by the Query Posts plugin? 3
Query Post Settings don't work 10
control output of Query Posts 2
Query Posts Thumbnail bug 10