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Topics Posts
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previous next in same category 3
Url Encoding for Previous/Next nav links 19
Menu being blocked by page elements. (nextgen gallery/contact form fields) IE9 6
How To Change Layout? 7
Previous/Next links not working 5
wrap post-thumb 3
Comments form on Front Page 8
Trying to use category template in child theme 4
Centered Menu Bar 9
How to remove custom taxonomy descriptions 4
update got interrupted 4
Attachment Page Weirdness 3
Add a widget before content 5
hybrid_set_content_width on child theme not overwriting parent's theme 7
Larger thumbnail image 5
how to remove breadcrumbs on home page and/or category 5 3
How to edit search results page 2
Uploaded image resizing to Wrong Size 5
CSS help for Prev/Next Navigation 5
Best Hybrid theme for designers 3
Theme Settings Drag and Drop behavior 6
Permalink in Comments - what is the purpose? 4
Websites not displaying properly on iPad/iPhone 7
add_filter cleaner_gallery_image broken with updates ... 12
Add content to before page title 5
Prototype and implementing wp_dropdown_categories 3
Drop Down not visible 12
Can't find Page Template dropdown in Prototype 5
Custom Background image missing with Wordpress upgrade 3