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Jetpack comments not compatible??? 6
Rename Menus on Mobile 7
Breadcrumbs by category not date 10
Slider-type page for pages 2
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Path vs Path-Child in IE8 11
Path Theme & SEO 3
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Change primary and secondary menu font sizes/styles 4
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Path updated to version 0.1.2 2
Customizing the Link Post Format 8
Category Filtering on Path Home Page 4
A Few Glitches In Path Child Theme 11
Issue with itemprop, breadcrumbs, and W3C Validator 3
Path Social Plugin 7
Footer help please 4
Sticky posts 3
Adding the Subsidiary to the Path Theme page 3
? instead of down- or uparrow 9
How to remove "Article written by …" box after single posts 3
Post Format Chat (suggestion) 24
Path theme release 14
Is it possible to replace site description w/widget area in header? 6
Path in required elements 8
Path Theme - Alpha release 46
Search bar missing in primary menu (Path) 5
Polish translation 2