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Coloring Tabs 12
Border around images? 7
How do I change the header background color? 2
WPML Language widget 11
Path Background 5
Add a 2nd image in header (Path theme) 4
Edit Before Content widgets 3
Register additional sidebars 16
Path updated to version 0.1.4 1
Path Social - Add buttons to top posts 3
Main Background Wrap 4
Primary Menu Width 9
Menu Separator 2
Stylesheet in Post and Page editor 4
Excerpts in Slider 7
Content Boxes on Home Page 4
Hiding "Author", "Date", "Add a response" 11
Possible to relocate slider? 3
Display images side by side 6
"Read More" is not appearing after excerpt on first page 6
How to make the site width fixed? 12
Allow header image to be larger 5
Borders with shadow around the logo and secondary navigation? 3
Slider image dimensions 17
author photo 3
Customize Site Description 5
Coloured background in either widget or primary sidebar 2
Jetpack again - Sharing on Slider 3
Video in Slider for Path 13
line at top of site 3