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Fix bar navigation 7
h1 title tags for sub pages 3
Add website logo to primary menu 3
Moving Secondary Nav 4
Remove Lightbox and Text on Slider 2
Space at the bottom of the page 3
Add "No Widgets" template to Path? 13
How to setup slider on homepage? 10
Remove menu-primary-mobile call from Path to replace with UberMenu 3
Change colors in Path secondary menu 4
Parse error: 4
Replace site description with widget 19
Translation for the Path Theme 2
Moving Wordpress with Path from Subdomain to Domain 6
Removing date of posts 5
Import Google Font 3
Path: feature suggestion (gallery) 5
Changing Fonts 5
Login-Logout in menu 4
Path Doesn't Work Well 4
Theme request 3
Authors 6
Important update to Path Theme - version 0.2 2
Author thumbnail in widget area 10
Subsidiary menu question 3
Problem with IE using path child theme 19
JetPack Tiled Galleries Not Working with PATH? 6
Login-Logout problems in menu 8
CSS styling 4
Manual crop thumbnails 4