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Slider on simple page 6
Move search box 2
Preventing Secondary Menu from Wrapping in Firefox 4
Category navigation 4
Social Path 3
comments 2
Tracking code 12
Change colour of drop down menus 12
Fitvids 4
Remove breadcrumbs 3
page template - list children pages 7
Help with basic instructions for child theme 4
Change blockquote font 5
Drop down menu 3
Remove Hyperlinks in text next to slider 2
Resize of Logo width in Header and other questions 4
Displaying certain widgets only on mobile with Path theme 6
Modify comments.php 7
Can I re-size the image size in the slider in Path Theme? 2
Functions child help 4
Path: remove slider on articles page 12
css help with IE no image borders and menu colors 3
Path: Apologies, but no entries were found. 8
Change Text in Path Search Box 7
Embeding and changing the size of youtube videos 7
Removing 'Article written by' through my entire website 8
remove comments on pages (not posts) 3
All pages but frontpage are not being translated by mo-files. 32
Removing "posten in" and "tagged" from excerpts 15
Menu doesn't display with IE8 (Path Theme) 6