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Logos Relocation in Footer 7
Show current-cat when on single or page 2
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Features Gallery Background 3
Wordpress 2.8.4 upgrade and Options Light, Feature Gallery not working 3
no-sidebar template not working 8
Slimbox/Thick Box 27
Random header image 24
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How Can i do Options Theme 3 cloumns (2 Sidebar) 1 left 1 right 8
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Tags Cloud: hide tags used for positioning posts into home sections 5
Page/Post Title Link 4
Options 1.2.1 & WP2.8? 25
Remove the author byline from Options theme 2
Removing author byline 2
Remove the author byline from Options theme 1
Removing Author from Front page 1
Wp_error 12
Sizing Feature Gallery Pictures 7
Customizing styling on a single widget 3
Modify Excerpts 15