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How to style paginated posts 6
Removing Drop Down from Nav 3
dropdown menu or css problems with internet explorer 6 in options theme 1.1.2 3
Change "Home" to read "Blog" on Nav Bar 13
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Wordpress 2.9 [and the Options theme] 24
When switching themes... 5
Single Column? 8
Thumbnails in RSS 8
Styling links for the tag cloud 10
Remove sidebar in image php 8
How Can I Create a Moving Ads 12
Navigation not showing category links 17
Getting rid of default light bulb image in Feature Gallery? 4
"Blog" page blank when creating a static home page 3
How Can I Create a Floating Ads 9
About Alignment 2
Exclude page from nav 7
Post Author and About Author section 15
Repositioning the background image 5
Site pages 2, 3... messed up in IE browsers 2
Picture in Post List Tabs 2
Styling nextpage links 3
Incompatible Plugins 10
How to remove link to name using Options 1.3.1 6
WordPress 2.8.4 & Options 1.3- Are They Compatible 3
Thumbnail only on homepage?? 8
Missing Auto-Thumbnails after WP 2.8 upgrade 12
Edit Navigation at Bottom of Post 15