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Topics Posts
Favicon vs. Short Icon vs. Apple Icon 4
Modify "share this on..." 15
Suggestion: "Share this on:" 7
Avatar Vs. Thumbnail Display 4
Remove specific author, byline and box, across the site 6
Modify Custom Page Template Popular 4
Page Redirect Custom Field Key 6
Widget Popular tabs 8
Theme not aligning left. 2
How to remove or change "browsing > Home" 4
modify share this on... 4
how to remove "browsing>home>whatever" 4
news child theme 10
Breadcrumb changes on posts 2
Japanese localization files 2
Add Reply Link and Comment Number 2
Using Twitter oEmbed needs a CSS tweak 1
Page 404 has an error getting the searchform 3
on searchform.php line 13, unneseccary "if" 2
News theme: Newsletter widget - the subscribe graphic button does not work 9
News theme at devpress vs right here 5
News theme from DevPress 11
Modify secondary menu: remove site description and "log in/out" 2