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A complete user, role, and capability membership plugin.

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Topics Posts
Difference in 0.1 and 0.2 code used to display menu items 5
Menu for a exclusive users role 2
Exclusive menu for specific users role 2
Bug In Members Plugin 8
Restrict creation of new users to Non-Administrator Roles 5
Members Capabilities 2
Newbie Question for "Members" Plugin 5
Don't create new tags 5
Can't find login widget 2
Restrict Custom Post type to logged in users 8
restrict role to one custom post type 6
Sign Up New Members 5
Assign User to Role 7
Excerpt + Error message for non-members 7
Showing Gravity Form and other shortcodes to visitors not logged in 3
Members Hierarchal Permissions 5
Limit Access 7
Limit Access By Category 5
Limit what user roles that a Non-Admin role can assign. 5
Posible Bug in Members Plugin Sidebar Login Widget 11
Please help test Members plugin 23
filter members plugin to redirect to other page vs login page ... 5
Wordpress Multisite Super Admin don't see the role manager 2
subscribe as members 4
"More Fields" Plugin Capabilities Bug 3
Add new capability? 4
How to add ability to edit 3.0 menus to a role? 6
Display Default post error message with shortcode 3
Only Admin Authors Showing 4
Display login form when the error message is displayed 5