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A complete user, role, and capability membership plugin.

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Topics Posts
Trouble with content permissions 4
New roles not showing in author selection dropdown 9
Prevent from seeing others' posts and some plugins 2
How do I get the members to view only the web pages not the dashboard when logge 2
Fatal Error when post type is members 7
Export user role 6
Members plugin Spanish translation 8
Custom error messsage 2
List Custom Role in Author Dropdown 3
HTML in "Custom error message"? 4
Fatal Error since bbPress 2.2 7
Shortcode Question and Issue 5
Adding html elements in Custom error messages on a page or post 5
hiding posts based on membership level 7
Add Access to Jetpack Stats for Custom Role? 3
only members to have capability to view comments? 5
Role Name Error 8
Forum restriction like here? ;) 6
Extending Members for CiviCRM 7
Custom role not set at user_register 3
RSS feed access blocked using Members plug-in 3
Does Content permissions feature work with BBpress? 3
Only show text for logged OUT users 7
Best practice to allow a user to edit a page 2
Uninstall Member 5
Logged-in vs Logged-out menus 2
Redirect all users to the login page 2
Thank you 2
WYSIWYG editor field for members 4
integrating with my plugin 3