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A complete user, role, and capability membership plugin.

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Topics Posts
Members plugin 404 error 24
show different page content to logged-in vs logged-out users 13
Custom Posts and Members 4
Using Members Plugin With Paid Memberships 2
Trouble adding capabilities 2
Members Plugin embed vide access 2
authentication token 3
getting started 3
Members Plugin Access 7
Private site with one public page 5
Show excerpts / teasers 3
Conflict With Visual Composer 8
Assigning Roles Using Members 2
Duplicate Editor role to create SuperEditor & grant capabilities to edit widgets 3
Make ALL new posts accessible to ONLY one role (Association Member) 10
Role Manager Set at Plugin Activation 3
Permission to manage widgets: Members plugin 2
Members Conflict With Formidable PRO 9
Show Content To Logged OUT Users Only 3
Members Conflict With Formidable PRO 2
How To Enable Restricted Access To Woocommerce Shop Page (archive-product.php) 6
members_can_current_user_view_post() not working as expected 6
Can members functions be used filter next_post_link() and previous_post_link()? 4
Hidden posts and pages but visible comments 8
default post error message not shown 7
some pages, posts, and menu should show only if a password is tipped in 6
enable members plugin feature "content permissions" for a custom post type 10
502 Bad Gateway when accessing Roles 2
Theme Visibility for Admin 5
clean up in roles 2