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active page not showing properly in tinynav 18
Replace Title with Responsive Logo 6
Live Wire menus/lightbox conflict? 10
Add Custom Sidebar 3
Custom Home Page Template Pagination 7
Social Media buttons 7
center opt in form 3
Add opt in form 9
change fonts 4
Live Wire 0.1.6 en español / in Spanish 1
Google Page Speed report shows “Serve scaled images” error 5
Responsive theme issues 17
Top menu and sidebar border glitches in different browsers 5
input background color ? 5
Live Wire updated to version 0.1.6 2
Hide navigation and translation broken in child theme 7
Hide navigation and translation broken is child theme 2
Live Wire updated to version 0.1.5 8
category template or function.php 2
site title and menu alignment 11
Remove "Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open" 8
Warning: Missing required field "updated". 6
Add word at the beginning of the menu 6
Selecting the first category on mobile 5
Live Wire styling - where? 9
Larger thumbnail in sticky post 4
excerpt for my cpt in homepage 3
How to have a different sidebar for my cpt 6
Live Wire updated to version 0.1.4 1
Missing french .mo file in 0.1.4 3