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Full post 2
Full post 2
Woo commerce integration 6
Adding a sidebar directly under the sec menu 2
Primary navigation hover problem 6
taxonomy-category error 4
Changing "Primary Navigation" title on menu bar 10
Live Wire is gonna have update 6
mobile version 5
Remove post formats in child theme 3
change hybrid_set_content_width in child theme 2
Add “Read more…” link/button at the end of post excerpts 17
Custom header 2
Dutch languages files for Live Wire ? 3
breadcrumbs 2
What code to copy from parent to child? 3
How to create a child theme? 2
Plugin conflict or else 3
exclude category from blog in Live Wire 9
Header (colors) are disappearing in Safari 4
Customized image logo in header 3
How to change color header including the blue squares in both sides_ 3
change fonts size of primary menu 2
Banner in the same place as the sticky post in Home 2
Editing child theme css and php files 10
Image logo in header 5
Adding a second sidebar - to the left column 2
Remove permalink from page titles? 7
Live Wire updated to version 0.2 1