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Internet Explorer menu separator issue on Leviathan 6
Footer Subsidiary Widget -individual width 3
how to use "featured image" - Leviathan 2
Leviathan Thumbnails 3
Comment/Response count at top of post as well as bottom 4
Adjusting the gallery layout/settings? 6
Dividing line missing when viewing specific posts? 2
Change post title/link colour and add icon next to post title? 5
Reduce line break height in posts? (Not line height) 3
Making the entire theme fixed width? 8
Modifying the header? 16
How to configure drop-down menu? 3
how to change the format of pingbacks? 3
how to show entry meta for custom post types on home page 19
Sidebar is gone on home page 5
how to build custom post type archives 6
how to update a child theme 6