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Topics Posts
Bookmarks widget 7
Link from logo on index: The requested URL ... was not found on this server 3
take meta names out - hide from 'view source' 3
left sidebar on most pages 6
pagenavigation and category navigation is not showing 7
Update to 0.9 broke my dropdown menu. 10
Removing the title text and adding a header dilema 7
Author link links to 404 page 3
Archive page not showing images 3
Format Tagline 4
Centered #body-container with "auto" margins 4
Where to put the transaltion 9
Different background on widgets 4
Aligning Text boxes in the slider 3
It pays to read the documentation...a painful lesson in styling the slider 2
Styling the search box / Individual widgets 5
Need to hide only the primary sidebar on all pages but Homepage 5
Conflicting CSS style for a single post 2
How to properly center content with full width header and footer? 2
How to style a sticky footer in Hybrid Original 3
Filter for copyright insert? 1
Size of video embedded in posts 10
Hybrid SEO settings 3
Search result page 4
Search submit button inside search form 11
dynamic background problem 4
General inquiries regarding styling with CSS vs. PHP (search page, pagenavi plug 3
Styling the search box in CSS 6
Hybrid display-inline extra vertical spacing problem 7
How to customize the header 3