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Topics Posts
Using Random Post template with W3 Total Cache and Content Delivery Network 3
Where to add PHP script for caching a specific HTML file 9
Adding Facebook button on homepage (loop) 18
Problem with dropdown menu ul not hidden 7
How To Customize this? 4
question regarding the built-in SEO 8
How To Customize Series? 3
Filter for Loop Meta? 2
Moving page nav (loop nav) up before comments 2
Need flexibility w/ Main Nav buttons (Hybrid parent, Original Hybrid child) 5
Move Secondary Sidebar (Widgetized) area to before_footer 5
Choosing the right theme? 2
Header-container 6
change thumbnail size to medium on a CPT archive 4
remove post title on custom post type archive 3
blank space over header 11
How to get rid of the Theme seo functions? 28
images are not displayed correctly on homepage 6
WP_Error traslating hybrid theme language 7
Conditionally change entry title - Shopp plugin 3
wp-filebase and hybrid css clash 6
Full width template? 9
Removing breadcrumbs and page title from specific page only 6
Remove sidebar 3
How put #primary-menu before #header-container 11
only 2 levels in drop down menu 2
"after Page Nav" in Hybrid Hook plugin 4
How to disable comments for pages. 3
remove arrows of drop down menu 2
Changing the RSS Feed 6