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A news child theme for Hybrid.

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Topics Posts
Tag Switch? 9
Remove nav bar; remove HOME from browse; add MORE at end of excerpts 6
How to add the word "Sections" in front of #primary-menu (+ 2 more ?) 4
Hybrid News Slider: Showing the Count in the Featured Post Rotation 1
Headline Categories- Issues 3
Hybrid News Pages Widget 2
In context widget queryposts 7
Image in the Header 10
How to get ONLY a specific category to display in the Blog template? 7
Images are showing above title 4
Hybrid news in local host and multi site instalation 3
ifelse logic for post titles 10
Modify Hybrid News or save as new child theme 6
Adding Tags to Pages... and Showing the Tags at the bottom of the Page 8
Featured area not used, but "Previous/Pause/Next" tags show up on 2nd post 5
Category Section on News' Front Page 3
How to get News Demo look in the Primary Widget area 11
Next and Previous Pages Links 5
Missing sidebar 4
Only slider on child themes with WP 3.0.1. 2
Add Logo to Left of Site Title 5
Main Nav not showing up 3
Problem with Featured Images 4
Slider Doesn't Always show image 4
Category Posts Thumbnail Image Styling in Primary Widget Area 6
How do I more categories at the top of the header 3
Adding an element to the Header 4
Drop down menus hidden by slider in IE 4
Show Category Description under Categories 2
Hybrid News 2