Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

Topics Posts
Topics Posts
Posts - Categories 11
get_post_gallery() display full size image 11
Footer Image 6
hybrid-base-master->library vs stargazer->library 5
Starting Over 7
Styles 10
Categories in Breadcrumbs (if not in permalinks) 4
Loop Pagination - Modifying Output for Use with Bootstrap 2
Posts and pages different default layout 2
Hybrid Core 2.0 and the future 40
Wordpress Admin 4
Undefined functions 3
Is There? 3
hybrid_media_grabber to return only url string? 3
Theme Layouts 6
Headers Etc 8
wp_nonce_field for Menus custom field 3
Hybrid Core or Parent theme? 9
Remove itemtype 3
bbPress issue with hybrid_wp_title() 7
Filtering body class 6
Hybrid template hierarchy 2
Proper workflow process of creating WP Theme with Hybrid Base and Core? 2
Remove author from hybrid_entry_class 2
Hook into schema 'attributes' 4
hybrid-core as a plug in 3
Breadcrumb Trails Documentation - Before Paramater 3
Jetpack and Hybrid Core issues 12
hybrid_get_image_size_links() dont have href attribute 3
Theme Fonts 4