Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
How do I alter markup for the comment form? 3
Help me find an alternate name for post "formats" 33
Changing the default post layouts 4
Pagination 6
hybrid core breadcrumbs 3
Core Directory Path 3
background image for thumbnails through custom field 4
different archive styling for different post types 5
Filtered Entry Title 5
Custom Meta Box - add checkbox control to core? 3
Which template for blog when it's NOT the homepage 3
God-like image thumbnail script. 5
Hybrid Core depreciated functions 4
Remove Post/Page panels and add new meta boxes 2
Difference between /extensions and /functions 3
Custom Meta Box - Hybrid Core 9
Mapping to a "Subsidiary" Core 1
Hybrid Nav Sub-menus 7
avatars for Author Widgets 3
Thumbnail to Url? 2
page template choose category 4
Breadcrumb not showing category name in single post 3
Using the Features and Extensions 4
Standing ovation 3
get_the_image 3
Hybrid Core is officially released!!! 14
Prototype theme beta 21
Hybrid Core Framework 40
Where to download Core 3
How to use the Nav-Menu widget with another theme 4