Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
hooks 2
Get admin options for search widget 3
Change code for the (navigation) menu? 8
Does Hybrid change the post thumbnail variable? 3
Using the Hybrid Theme to learn the Hybrid Core? 7
Getting Pagination on Custom Posts Page - 9
Building a scratch theme from Hybrid Core - I don't know how to clear containers 4
problems styling content 2
widget disappearing 3
typescript enqueue 3
Adding SEO on my custom theme 2
user options to change images sizes AND get_the_image 2
add_theme_support in parent themes 3
prototype post layouts 6
breadcrumb trail doesn't show parent page in custom post type pages 7
Ordering widget locations in admin 4
Page Templates, Seperate Folder 2
javascript in head 2
primary sidebar before content? 2
Custom Post Formats in Hybrid Core 4
List posts per Category (Post-Image) 2
complementary sidebar 3
Core Tutorials 30
Custom extensions placement 7
Custom meta box display current value 7
Hybrid Core Roadmap 7
core-seo how to no-index certain pages ? 5
Any interest in some code for grid layout support? 4
Per page insert: custom field? 3
Breadcrumb Not Picking Up Custom Taxonomy Slug 9