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The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Trouble when updating in admin. Does anyone know what this means? 3
Entry View in complicts with previous post view plugin 5
Theme Settings tutorial (small typo) 4
Going to Wordpress with an HTML theme 10
Just noticed I lost my @font-face fonts on my Hybrid 0.9 2
Empty context 13
Childish templates with 0.9 2
in_array function in Hybrid Core's sidebars.php 4
Change Suggestion: change built in widget titles from h3 to strong? 5
Default and No Secondary and Primary displays Empty Widget areas 6
OOP Use in Hybrid Core 2
html xmlns, and xml:lang 2
Post editor meta boxes 5
thumbnail with image_scan 13
Update Taxonomy on Post 3
Filtering default Theme Settings page 3
Renaming built in sidebars? 6
Filtering 'hybrid_meta_description' to add custom content isn't working 10
Hybrid-Core bugs: function/menu.php 3
3.1 Upgrade Messed Up Category Pages 3
H.Core and WP3.1 4
Hybrid-Core widgets not being saved in widget admin - disappear on refresh 24
Wrap tags around individual category terms 8
Custom background image for individual page 6
Original Parent Theme on hybrid-core - dropdown problems 6
How to work with Custom post types 16
Prototype Superfish Menu - Dropdown randomly doesn't appear. 2
WP, Hybrid, jQuery 1.5.0, Slides 10
Hybrid Core Browser Detection 8
Remove title attribute from category links 6