Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

Topics Posts
Topics Posts
Message for "Settings Saved" not show. 6
How to change the Menu Title of Theme Settings page? 3
show number of comments only in meta line 7
thumbnail sizes 3
Custom author byline 3
Google's +1 3
Product Catalog 17
Premium Them based on Hybrid Core 15
get_the_image - how to add title attribute 5
Help test the Retro-fitted theme 28
Multi Taxonomy Templates 2
Custom Fields Post Meta displaying layouts in post... 6
Help and feedback for reset/base stylesheets 6
Drop Down Menu cut off across all browsers 4
I need to disable the primary sidebar on homepage 2
restrict shopp 2
Primary excerpt read more 2
javascript problem 3
How to combine Wordpress and Hybrid language files? 3
Hybrid Core 1.2 what to expect 6
Save for Web Theme Review 8
Properly calling hybrid hooks 4
Adding links to the breadcrumb menu 7
Assign widget to sidebar in theme 4
Changing layout strings with a filter 3
php variable in curly bracket 3
Is Hybrid Core a good fit for this Project? 8
css reset 4
Stylesheet and Layout features 5
Validate/Sanitize a select box 4