Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
using function.php to reference javascript 3
Making use of core within existing parent themes? 5
Hybrid Core and Dean FCKEditor not playing nice together 11
Customazing return values of paginate links 3
Migration from Hybrid Theme to Hybrid Core 9
conditional load of .js 3
Javascript (dropdowns) stop working once adding new functions.php file 4
Show user profile that haven't post in user template 2
devpress and hybrid 18
Stylesheet in WordPress backend look messed up 8
Add wp_list_categories() to Secondary Menu 7
In Pages Widget, How to Use Sort Order in Pages Admin, Not Asc or Desc 2
hybrid-core-seo in pages? 4
Thumbnail Archive by post tag 8
Core: latest subversion and Prototype 2
site title href change 5
get_the_image() without link 5
Adding Page Settings Into a Custom Post Type 3
Is WP 3.2 Fully Compatible with Latest version of Hybrid news and Hybrid? 3
Automatic update to Hybrid Core 2
example of comments args? 6
query counter shortcode no output 4
Trying to change shortcode 'entry-title' function in a child theme 10
how to figure out what layout is currently used/set 4
full width template no sidebars 5
Custom Post Type Thumbnail Not Showing 9
going insane... theme not showing up 4
theme check and text direction 3
prototype update 3
replace span with img tag in hybrid_site_title 6