Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Reusing common code between themes and plugins 8
custom meta box - required fields possible? 1
get_atomic ? 7
Loop pagination bug report 2
adjusted breadcrumb trail.php, now there's a permalink structure issue 12
Create a drop down (ul) of the entire website 2
Theme Options project 2
Custom Post Type Archives - Where do they fit within the Template Hierarchy? 6
Conditional Headers for Categories and Single Posts 2
Layout Showing up in Image Insert? 3
horizontal category listing and dropdown 2
Widget set from Hybrid News 0.3 2
Wordpress 2.9.2 2
Community Forum 9
Hybrid Core version 1.2 Beta 1 13
Post Layouts: disable sidebars function 3
custom fields after excerpts on category pages 2
Order by meta key but don't exclude others 8
Archives widget setting 5
custom meta box - how to have custom fields + taxonomies under the same umbrella 10
does core generate any HTML? 7
Fine tuning custom excerpt_more 6
Mobile Theme and Hybrid Core? 14
using function.php to reference javascript 3
Making use of core within existing parent themes? 5
Hybrid Core and Dean FCKEditor not playing nice together 11
Customazing return values of paginate links 3
Migration from Hybrid Theme to Hybrid Core 9
conditional load of .js 3
Javascript (dropdowns) stop working once adding new functions.php file 4