Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Page titles cut in half, Stargazer 3
Hybrid Core Language Idea: global $hybrid_text 13
Themeforest says: get_bloginfo( text_direction ) found in the file context.php 4
Getting Started Questions 5
Limit number of character in %title 9
{$prefix}_open_body 5
MediaTemple - Any good? 27
get_theme_layout filter deprecated? 4
Hyphenation problem, Stargazer. 4
How to edit Stargazer footer? 6
Need to remove the layouts metabox from a post type 5
Featured image appearing unexpectedly in post 4
Entry views as plugin 12
Can't get theme layout strings at all 16
Woocommerce Rating Stars are not showing 7
Really early demo 66
3.9 widget customizer 20
Featured header warning in theme customizer 2
Theme Layouts should use "refresh" in customize 7
Customizer Layouts weirdness when using static home and blog pages 2
loop returning all posts on some 404 pages 6
Featured header warning 2
Registering default font choices 2
HC 25px reset - why are 'i', 'b', 'u', 'center' nullified? 9
HC 2.0 and wp_head(); 10
Hybrid Core - new theme Scrapbook 2
Getting error when using breadcrumbs template part. 3
Breadcrumbs and category link in single post 3
Blog Width 6
Image URL 3