Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Layout Adjustments 3
How the action hooks work in hybrid core's admin.php 5
Beta test the new 'My Life' theme 19
How to change before & after title of hybrid-core-sidebars 3
template file for is_front_page 5
Full width pic under menu 4
How to build parent theme from core ?? 32
SEO title in custom theme 3
Add theme support in child theme's functions.php? 5
Integrating a slideshow + options in admin - how? 14
adding back to top link that is not obsolete ... 3
get_the_image src only 2
Upcoming theme preview 27
How do widget areas get added/removed in parent themes? 9
How to change Page Numbering? 2
Filterable functions in a parent theme 2
Hybrid Core comment args 5
. 1
Variable in add_meta_box used in Hybrd Core revision 915 3
Set a default Custom Post Template 6
Trouble including post thumbnail on home page 5
excluding sticky posts from loop 10
primary sidebar before content? 15
theme option in hybrid 12
Parent theme checklist? 7
Target specific sidebars with dynamic_sidebar_params? 9
from Hybrid Theme to Core. No more Hybrid Hook? 4
Reusing common code between themes and plugins 8
custom meta box - required fields possible? 1
get_atomic ? 7