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The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Feature Suggestion - Shortcode [entry-title-no-link] 9
Theme Hybrid Templates - {$post_type}-{$custom}.php 2
translating "read more" 19
Hybrid using Jqplot 1
How to disable Page & post SEO meta box for non-admin when using Hybrid Core SEO 3
Auto update Hybrid Core... thoughts? 3
add a list of recent posts in a single category, with excerpts, to a page 1
Import style sheet for different page templates 2
Next page is not working 2
Need some guidance for multisite network setup with Hybrid core, parent, child 2
secondary menu current menu items class 6
Adding a class to first and last sub-menu items 3
Accessibility issue: comment numbers display as background images not text 9
Getting the drop down top-bar like on this website 2
Parent themes with hyphens create a problem for atomic hooks/filters 2
Using my own HTML and CSS 5
News/Magazine Themes and the News Theme 2
I cannot figure otu how to add arguments to a filter 6
Add my own shortcode 3
Working on Theme Options 6
do_atomic( 'before_sidebar_primary' ) 12
changing the div id "container" to something else via the function page 4
Hybrid core - get_post_stylesheet() filter question 11
theme frameworks usage 6
Custom taxonomies doesn't show in menu on frontpage 4
Remove Post meta boxes 11
Using Hybrid Core with Toolbox theme 5
Error after upgrade to WP 3.3 - add_contextual_help 2
Hybrid-core vs Theme Hybrid and Gizmodo like sites 9
Hybrid Core 1.3 and bbPress testing 9