Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Trouble removing Hybrid Core features in child theme 5
Disable the "Post Template" meta box 4
Disable sidebars conditionally 4
Google fonts in theme settings 8
Complete Newby - Hi To All (from Ireland) 4
hybrid_site_title() missing > tag? 3
Category class for custom post type 5
Hybrid Core Version 1.3 Beta 16
Wp ecommerce 10
Breadcrumbs issue with Custom Post Type 4
Collapse side bar for empty text widget 2
Adding blog category slug to entry title on blog and singular post page? 3
Hybrid Core 1.2 20
Another Core shortcode feature request (for [entry-terms]) 4
Where does the hybrid core shines the most? 6
Advantages of Hybrid Core 7
where the top banner would go on Hybrid news theme? 9
My Life Theme - Picture in post shows up in post and before HTML 3
Cant install 1.2 or 1.3 beta says "stylesheet is missing" 4
Hybrid Core bug w/ WP_Debug set to true? 4
Custom Post Types support 17
hybrid core css files 2
customize breadcrumb 2
Feature Suggestion - Shortcode [entry-title-no-link] 9
Theme Hybrid Templates - {$post_type}-{$custom}.php 2
translating "read more" 19
Hybrid using Jqplot 1
How to disable Page & post SEO meta box for non-admin when using Hybrid Core SEO 3
Auto update Hybrid Core... thoughts? 3
add a list of recent posts in a single category, with excerpts, to a page 1