Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Add a metabox when a Post Template is selected 8
Disable Theme Layout in Post Type? 3
Wordpress SEO: Adding this 3
Feature Request: Template Wrappers 12
Add Hybrid Two Levels/Directories Deep in theme folder 2
Does Hybrid Core auto update? 3
Add Optional Slider to Theme Options? 7
Testing Hybrid Core 1.3-beta-2 12
Adding Dynamic Menu Highlighting 2
Remove Metaboxes, Add New Post 8
shortcode dash or underscore? naming? 3
Post title with br and span causes problem 6
Why is sidebar.php being called? 2
widget area unique to specific pages 2
reasonable action hook? 7
Prototype is *not* Hybrid 3
Hybrid doctype 2
Add Theme Layout to Custom Post Types 4
Parent Images Not Loading 3
Path Error when Hybrid Directory is Deeper than One Level 2
Hybrid Core Theme Settings 4
Translating issue with _x 5
Getting Default Theme Settings Outside of Admin 6
Custom Theme Layouts 5
need help with the entry-views script 10
Adding theme support for Hybrid Hook 2
Calling hybrid_attachment from a post template 3
Help! Problems in IE7 - widgets not in line, menu does not pull out completely 6
Is there a FAQs page? and other questions. 2
Photoblog theme preview 9