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The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Difference between do_shortcode and apply_atomic_shortcode 4
Hybrid Core [entry-title] h1 on main landing page 3
WP 3.4 install failing error flagged in Hybrid Core 3
Hybrid Core testimonial 3
Hybrid Core 1.3.1 1
Hybrid Core 1.3 Notices 9
WP 3.3.2 to WP 3.4? 2
Translation Files? 3
German translation files for Hybrid Core 6
Shortcode docs 7
Sync to Github Repo? 4
Pull requests 2
How to update language files for 1.3 2
translations in hybrid 1.3 13
Removing Logout link from post comment area 8
Disabling Superfish Drop down and a FireBug error 3
Custom Post Type Archive 3
Question about loading the core 5
Why is Hybrid Core not Part of WordPress Core? 3
Hybrid Core 1.3 Beta 2 PHP Notices 10
Editor Style based on Layout Selected 5
get_the_image for used (linked) images 3
Loop pagination and $wp_query 12
Filtering body classes based on post templates 6
Filtering hybrid_body_class 3
Slight confusion re: Hybrid Core's Theme Layout functionality 7
page ID 6
Add a metabox when a Post Template is selected 8
Disable Theme Layout in Post Type? 3
Wordpress SEO: Adding this 3