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The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Rapid Prototyping with a Hybrid Core Boilerplate 8
cleaner gallery output as a Unordered List 4
Jetpack Carousel and Cleaner Gallery conflict 5
Filter [entry-shortlink] 3
Theme settings - style sheets 4
Get The Image - Adding title attribute to img 4
Hybrid Core post formats 10
Set $meta_value in custom_field_series() 3
Random Custom Background class 2
ThemeHybrid Comments Tweaks 4
Slider issues - Newbie here. 4
Wrap hybrid_avatar ouput in div/figure 3
Hybrid Core Update Vs. Theme Update? 4
Loop pagination year archive breaks 4
Removing layouts from media uploader 3
Atomic function with anon func (php 5.3) 3
Customise comment form 3
Question re: Hybrid Core navigation vs. non-Hybrid theme navigation 6
hybrid_set_content_width() in responsive media queries 2
All posts 7
Apply layout to Posts page 3
Hybrid Core (and Members) and PHP 5.4.5 3
Post template 5
Forum / Members restriction like here? ;) 2
Search Pagination breaks when using special characters 12
A guide for adding options in theme options page 12
Hybrid Core 1.4 4
atomic filter for get_theme_layout? 4
Suggestion: Hybrid Core Widget Authors: Style > None 2
Sign-up form in content area, hybrid theme 3