Hybrid Core Topics

The core framework used to build parent themes.

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Topics Posts
Any other Hybrid Core themes? 15
Theme layout option & customizer 5
Advice for creating multiple header options? 6
Add a class with hybrid_attr? 3
Solved: Updated Hybrid core to version 2.0 and lost my primary,widget areas 6
Using some of Hybrid Core functions code for my own framework. 2
Theme Hooks used - developing plugin to use all the Hybrid Atomic hooks 2
Featured Header how to use 3
How do I add styles to individual widget titles and content? 4
Are there any video presentations on Theme Hybrid? 2
HybridCore - Site title/description removed? 7
hybrid_media_grabber Check if video exist function? 3
Chat Shortcode, How to disable HC chat formatting? 2
How to check for any image or media associated with a post? 7
Breadcrumb Trail - show_home not available 3
Author breadcrumb trails 6
Using HC4 & 'fake' Hybrid Base from Stargazer? 14
Layout meta-box on the post/page screens 8
Looping Custom Post Typein Hybrid Base 3
why does buddypress work in Shell and Prototype but not hybrid-base or shoelace 23
theme_mod_theme_layout 2
Page titles cut in half, Stargazer 3
Hybrid Core Language Idea: global $hybrid_text 13
Themeforest says: get_bloginfo( text_direction ) found in the file context.php 4
Getting Started Questions 5
Limit number of character in %title 9
{$prefix}_open_body 5
MediaTemple - Any good? 27
get_theme_layout filter deprecated? 4
Hyphenation problem, Stargazer. 4
How to edit Stargazer footer? 6