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A starter theme for showing off post thumbnails.

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Topics Posts
Blog template for the Critical theme 4
Hybrid News: No Widget Template Page 7
secondary widget area doesn't save 5
Displaying Categories Archive Pages in Different Styles: Possible? 3
Removing Wp-ratings and comment from thumbnails 5
need some advice for a cinema site 11
Can you do this with custom fields? 20
Does anyone to add a JavaSctipt back link that hooks into the browser's history? 4
Display only one category in thumbnails 3
Support more than 1 menu Hybrid/Critical 3
Lost in translation - My language won't change! 3
changing 'No Responses' on home page posts 3
Feature Post Images 12
custom taxonomy meta on single post 18
Change post template 5
changing language of pagination 5
facebook button in critical theme 12
blog page for custom post types 6
navigation menu 8
configuring primary & secondary widget areas 5
CSS box around each widget 3
custom query and page navi 4