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Version 0.2? 3
Removing color-palette for public release 4
portfolio on chun front page 2
Filtering post format from archive 3
Display only the Date on Image Info List 5
How do i remove dates from portfolio pages and archives? 3
Chun support for non-coders 4
Chun styling for non-coders 2
This gallery contains "0" images 5
Adding Prev/Next Links to Single Page on Portfolio 14
Chun is brilliant + how does minify work? 2
Chun menu float:right and overflow-x 3
Adding a Search Form? 3
Adding Social Buttons on the Header 5
Changing Default Thumbnail to a Custom Square Thumbnails 7
Chun's Child Theme Functions Template 4
Chun Is Fun ! 7
How to get larger default wordpress Gallery thumbnails 3
Layout and customize 3
rem and IE 6
replace Muli for other Google-font 5
Chun get_the_image 2
I've been playing with this theme...and I like it! 2
Chun and the comment section... 4
Responsive design and Chun 13
No images displayed on individual portfolio page? 5