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Cakifo 1.6.2 1
Google analytics- Warning: Missing required field “updated“ 5
Cakifo 1.6.1 1
Change the toggle menu title from 'secondary menu' 7
Sudden death of my front page 11
Cakifo 1.6 6
Cakifo Footer Outside Wrapper on Default Layout 7
Breadcrumb on Front Page 5
Page Content runs past normal width 7
Cakifo Default Layout Issue 7
Feature suggestions for Cakifo 6
Feature requests regarding Series in general and in Cakifo 2
Cakifo Secondary Menu doesn't sense the end of the window 3
How can I show smaller images than the set thumbnail size? 15
Header image? 2
Where is the printing of a post or page controlled? 3
Wordpress is looking for an image in the child theme that is in the parent 3
How to customize the categor order on the front page 3
I really like the Cakifo theme! 6
Front Page change to two column 18
Limit Recent Posts on Frontpage to Category 2
Gallery/category summary page for galleries shows wrong number of images 2
Theme shows thumbnail and inserted picture 9
Cakifo displays a post twice on the front page 12
Turn Off All Mobile Responsive Features? 5
How do I create a page of category posts? 8
Category Archives In Cakifo 6
Showing extracts & thumbnails on posts page 3
I need to add a script to post pages in the Cakifo Theme 2
Cakifo: Where is the static front page? 5