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Blog Network Nav Bar 6
Sticky Post Problem - image not showing... 5
Translations: where to put the language files? 12
Ascetica Front Page Secondary Side Bar and Gallery Style Pages 4
Add excerpt to front page for Gallery Style posts? 6
Slider not sliding on the home page 14
Anyone Know What Happened To Galin? 10
Override Style Settings 5
Error about creating default object from empty value core.php at top of website 4
Home page shows ok, post don't pick up css 2
hybrid_site_title 10
Link to last page in pagination section does not exist. 4
Hybrid Hook plugin compatible with Ascetica? 2
Captions floating left under Image 3
Disqus comments in 0.3.1 5
Ascetia (4)demo site how to ?'s, (2) style ? 7
Major and potentially dangerous Ascetica update 6
My sticky post issue 3
Translated Ascetica Theme to Danish 3
Events Manager Plugin not working totally 8
Front page flex slider / sticky posts 11
functions.php requirements 2
Slider 7
Ideal dimensions for Ascetica slider pics? 2
Ascetica: no comments allowed on gallery format posts? 6
Changing line height and font color in Ascetica 9
Widgets don't drag in Ascetica 5
remove theme settings 2
removing sidebars 2
Hide byline tags in gallery post 3