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3 responses to “STK Paris”

  1. Hery Zo Rakotondramanana

    aaaaaaaaahhhh … malagasy toa ahy :-)
    Great job for tanora.org.

  2. the-elder

    I really enjoy this design and layout. It’s one of the few sites around which does not look traditional. Themehybrid.com’s new front page has some of the same effect – at least on me.

    Silly question: how did you make the gallery in the footer?/comment avez-vous fait la galerie au fond de la page?

  3. Many

    Oops ! Didn’t see your comments guyz, sorry ! The answer, 6 months later (-_-) …

    @Hery-Zo : Most of the job has been handle by Hybrid so there’s not much for me to be praised :P
    Thanks anyway :D

    @ The-elder : it’s just a widget ! NextGen plugin widget :)