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9 responses to “F1 E-Zine”

  1. Matthias

    Hi the_elder,
    I was visiting and looking for inspirations on your site since I’m using the options theme.
    Just want to tell you, that today I had problems to see the dropdown menue with FF3.


  2. The Elder

    Hi Matthias,

    Many thanks for letting me know – I just experienced the same in Opera – I’ll handle it asap.

    I must admit I haven’t noticed the “Showcase” page before – I’m possitively surprised both to see my website rated so high, but also the rating possiblility itself (@ Justin). Good initiative!

  3. The Elder

    @Matthias: I’ve adjusted the opacity to Opera and hopefully FF3, but I don’t run FF.

    @Justin: Yeah, saw that – it IS cool – very good initiative indeed. PS! I know you’re not into F1; however BMW Sauber F1 Team will put a demonstration run in Seoul on Saturday 4th October and another in Gwang Ju on Sunday 5th October.

  4. The-Elder

    Though there might be some small tweaking on its way, f1ezine is now preparing for the 2009 season. The child theme Spartan does now set the basics with its very nice and smooth defaults. Still easy to read and all the hard stuff already done by Tadlock.

    Spartan is not just a child, its has obviously been given some thoughts and a clean look, tables cared for, smart header backgrounds and more.

    Thanks Justin for yet another top job!

  5. The-Elder

    Sake good order, f1ezine.com does no longer ‘wear’ the Options theme and therefore does not deserve its spot here.

    Working successfully with Structure on two other websites.

  6. The-Elder

    F1ezine.com is back with Hybrid. Tried a few color schemes, but decided to go with Hybrid News native colors.

  7. The-Elder

    Finally settled with a setup which I find easy to read. Decided to distinguish from other F1 sites in terms of colors. Hybrid and Hybrid News fits 100% for f1ezine.com.

    Thanks to ya’ll for inspiration and always valuable inputs!