Breadcrumb Trail

A powerful script for adding breadcrumbs to your site that supports HTML5-valid microdata. Breadcrumb Trail is one of the most advanced and robust breadcrumb menu systems available for WordPress.

Clean My Archives

The easiest-to-use archives plugin ever made for WordPress. Using a quick-and-simple shortcode, you can spruce up your archives page in seconds.

Cleaner Gallery

A valid, HTML5 [gallery] shortcode for WordPress. Uses <fig> and <figcaption>. Integrates with many Lightbox image scripts.

Custom Background Extended

A plugin for allowing users to set a custom background on a per-post basis. This plugin hooks into the WordPress Custom Backgrounds theme feature.

Custom Classes

Allows users to create custom post and body classes on a per-post basis.

Custom Content Portfolio

Custom Content Portfolio is a plugin for creative people to share their work in an online portfolio.

Custom Header Extended

A plugin for allowing users to set a custom header on a per-post basis. This plugin hooks into the WordPress Custom Headers theme feature.

Disable Post Format UI

A simple plugin that disables the post format UI.

Get the Image

A flexible and robust featured image/thumbnail script that uses WordPress coding standards and functions for grabbing images related to the post.

Grid Columns

A [column] shortcode plugin that allows users to easily create columnized content within the WordPress post/page editor (or any shortcode-ready area).

Hybrid Hook

Allows the addition of HTML, shortcodes, PHP, and/or JavaScript to the Hybrid theme’s hooks from the WordPress admin.

Hybrid Hook Widgets

Adds 11 new widget areas to the Hybrid WordPress theme using its action hooks.

Hybrid Tabs

Adds a tabbed widget to the Hybrid theme that can be used in multiple widget areas.

JavaScript Logic

Allows you to load JavaScript in a much more controlled way using WordPress conditional tags.


A membership plugin that uses WordPress’ roles and capabilities system. It gives you the flexibility to run any type of member site, making WordPress a more powerful CMS.

My Snippets

Allows you to add custom widget content on a post-by-post (or page) basis from the post editor screen.

Prevent Password Reset

Prevents password reset for select users via the WordPress “lost password” form.

Query Posts

A WordPress widget that gives you unlimited control over showing posts and pages.

Quote This

Allows the user to call random quotes with the quote_this() function, [quote-this] shortcode, or Quote This widget.


A base plugin for building restaurant Web sites. This plugin allows you to manage a basic food and beverage menu. The purpose of it is to handle small restaurant sites while allowing for extension plugins to add more complex features.


Adds a new taxonomy called “series” to your blog that allows you to link together several posts in a series.


A shortcode for displaying a slideshow of image attachments for a post.

Sliding Panel

Adds a jQuery-based, fully-widgetized sliding panel to your WordPress-powered site.

Template Tag Shortcodes

A plugin that turns many of the WP template tags into shortcodes.

Theme Hybrid Updater

This plugin is in development only. Use at your own risk. Please only install if you’re currently helping me test this functionality out in the support forums.


Tabs, toggles, accordions, and all that jazz. Bells and whistles done right.

Widgets Reloaded

Replaces many of the default widgets with versions that allow much more control. Widgets come with highly customizable control panels.